Master David Howells


Master David Howel

Master Howells emigrated from England in 1986 and shortly afterwards began his TaeKwonDo training under the leadership of Senior Master Marv Conway.  After taking a short break to serve in the United States Army for 4 years,  Master Howells returned to Beaumont where he continued his TaeKwonDo training.  Master Howells became owner of his first location when he purchased the Orange Academy in 1997. He currently owns and operates 3 area locations and can be found teaching at the    main Beaumont location on a daily basis. Mr. Howells has 22 years training and teaching experience and currently holds the rank of 7th. Degree Black Belt with the Tiger Rock Martial Arts International.

Master Howells Black Belt Children

Master Howells Black Belt Children

Mr. Howells, his family, staff, and outstanding team of  Certified Instructors, would like to welcome you to Tiger Rock Martial Arts.


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