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Purchase a $19.95 start up course – allows participation in 3 trial lessons & a free T-Shirt.

-Select Schedule for your location.  

        Beginner lessons are as follows-arrive 15 mins early:

        Tiger Rock Martial Arts available at all locations - 

            * Ages 4-5 attend Tiger Cub Lesson.
            *Ages 6-11 years attend the White and Yellow Belt lessons.
            * Ages 12 -15  youth/16+ adult lessons (may be combined)


         Cardio Boxing: Beaumont location only.

             *Ages 12 & older only

Want to just view a beginner lesson…feel free to just stop by location of your choice by lesson time for your age.

Members we recommend attending 2-3 lessons weekly  You choose times most convenient for your schedule.  



April 2017 Beaumont


Orange Dec 2016


Vidor Dec 2016

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