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Master David Howells is the Owner of Beaumont, Orange & Vidor Tiger Rock Academies. Master Howells emigrated from England in 1986 and shortly afterwards began his Martial Arts training under the leadership of Senior Master Marv Conway. After serving in the United States Army for 4 years, he returned to Beaumont where he continued his  training. Master Howells has 28 years training and teaching experience and currently holds the rank of 7th. Degree Black Belt with Tiger Rock Martial Arts International. He also holds the rank of blue belt with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy. He has consistently earned Top Ten National Honors for both sparring and forms competition. Master Howells, his family, staff, and outstanding team of Certified Instructors, would like to welcome you to Beaumont, Orange & Vidor Tiger Rock Academies.




Glenda Carroll is a Sr. 5th Degree Black Belt with Tiger Rock Martial Arts International.  She started her Martial Arts journey in 1992 with her children at the Beaumont location under the leadership of Senior Master Conway. Ms. Carroll has held the honor of being a National Top Ten Competitor, a Certified Instructor and an Academy owner.  After having bi-lateral knee replacement in 2012 she took 2 years off from teaching to fully heal, but is now back in full action. Ms Carroll is a Certified Instructor at the Beaumont, Orange and Vidor Tiger Rock Academies. 

Ms. Carroll’s family is her heart and she has had the privilege of training with them, even her grandchildren participate!   Ms. Carroll is also a member of the Orange Lions Club and is very active in community activities and her church, Turning Point of Vidor.

Ms. Carroll’s motto: –         If you’ve ever wondered if TaeKwonDo is fun?  IT IS!!  If you’ve ever wondered if TaeKwonDo is for you?  IT IS!!  Come and join me on this incredible journey.  See you at the Academy!